For those of you who occasionally check this site, I apologize for the recent lack of content..My father passed away two months ago and I have had a lot to deal with. I will be posting work again in a few months.

RIP John Brock Diebold, 1944-2010

Below is the eulogy I read aloud at his memorial, if you are interested...

To me, my father was a living archetype. A true American man. It is hard to imagine the postmodern age producing a man of such quality.
I have always admired his profieciency...from an early age I observed a man who could do everything for himself. It was an incredibly valuable and empowering lesson, which he taught by example, without needing words.
My father and I had many silent understandings, the affirmation of which required brief and infrequent mention. We spent most of our time updating each other on what we were up to and talking about common interests. Conversation between my father and I flowed very comfortably, and reflected to me what I liked most about him and most about myself.

Death is a part of life. It can come at any time, and takes many forms...
We all know this. And yet some people still have an immortal quality about them that lends them an aura of immunity.
I imagine this is how it must have felt hearing that the Titanic had sunk. Total shock and disbelief.
This sentiment is one of the most commonly held between the family and friends I have spoken to over the past few months. This was the last thing anyone was expecting to happen, certainly not now. He was a mountain of a man.
No words exist to describe the loss I feel knowing that he won't be part of my future.
I can only say how glad I am for the time we shared. And accept his parting gifts; more silent lessons.

I also wanted to say, “..and he was really fucking cool.”
I miss him.


Glitterbug said...

Well said my darling.

smallz said...

truly truly gifted writing. i love you.