Been Feeling Rather Unattractive lately....

Got a rash (from using metallic spraypaint in a tank top), a strange and grotesque infection on my thumb (not visible here) and a zit that became a big scab on the side of my mouth. It's actually pretty liberating, in a way. A dose of forced humility never hurt anyone. My new headphones and gold front also help, as does this fantastic scarf someone left at my house:

Great for hiding rashes. And it smells like a girl.

Also: I don't make disclaimers for myself, and like my work to speak for itself, but I've been getting some interesting feedback lately which has brought thoughts to mind about how my work is interpreted. I don't consider my work shocking, and it's not intended to shock; The fact that I often incorporate religious and occult symbols and gore and violence into erotic images may be controversial in some viewers' minds, but controversy is healthy, and I think that anyone who is culturally literate should be well acquainted with both eroticism and ideas. I produce images that I enjoy; they indulge my cognitive and visual fetishes, and I'm flattered when I hear they entertain others. I am always excited to receive feedback, which is the great thing about self publishing on the internet, and I love hearing good criticism from smart people, as well as congratulations and salutations from my peers. It's infinitely useful to me. So thank you all for your responses, please keep them coming.
All comments, anonymous and signed, are welcome, and you now can send me email via my profile page.

x Beatrice v Schleyer


El Adam said...

scarf picture is pretty awesome, you always pull of some great pictures. :)

mikey907 said...

that is my scarf.