New Orleans, LA Hurt Me and Got Me Dirty

But I had epic chaotic fun! Thanks to so many amazing, talented hooligans, too many to name but here's some: Black Label Bike Club, CuttThroats, Skidmarxxx, Ridin' Dirty! Lile, Joel from Altaer, Demilitia, DJ Rusty Lazer, Vockah Redu, DJ Dirty Finger, Chickenhut folks, Fumie Ishii, Tod Seelie, Droido, Sadue, Goya, ABC, Queso, Mikey, Dr 907, Oliver Coattails, The Country Club, Mossisgay's house, All the clowns, D is Huge!, Mars (the band) so so many more who'd probably rather remain nameless anyway. see pics here.
Happy New Year, and welcome to 10! We are all equally important (vonnegut).

Also, this happened at the very end of our trip back to Richmond:

It was halfway down the exit ramp on our last exit before stopping at a friend's house and getting on the Chinatown bus back to NYC. That girl is amazing. She also won a trophy!

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HelloLile said...

soooooooooo much fuuuunnnn!!!!!
please please let us do more of this alllllll the time!!!! ur amazin